Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Arab political cartoons on the eve of war, 1967

"The neck of the bottle - the Straits of Tiran" Rose al Youssef, Egypt, May 29, 1967

"The Zionist to Hell," Syrian army newspaper, May 30, 1967
The mouths of the guns of eight Arab countries: Sudan, Algeria, United Arab Republic, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Al Jarida , Beirut, May 31, 1967

Armored forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Al Hayat, Beirut, May 31, 1967

The clubs fall on the head of Israel: Israel asks: Where can I run? Al Goumhourya , Baghdad, June 6, 1967

"Holy war" Al Goumhourya, Cairo, June 8, 1967

"Using the Star of David," Al Manar , Baghdad, June 8, 1967

"The Zionists into the sea," Al-Arabiya Al-Jamahir , Baghdad, June 8, 1967

"The barricades of Tel Aviv," Al-Jundi Al Arabi , Damascus, June 6, 1967

Nasser kicking the Jew (Israel) into the sea, with the armies of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq supporting him.  Al-Farida, Lebanon
Most images from here, last one from here.

UPDATE: I turned this into a video.