Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why couldn't Flytilla idiots come via Jordan?

Here's a typical article critical of Israeli policy concerning the planned airport protests on Sunday, this one from the World Socialist website:

There is nothing democratic, let alone legal, in the Interior Ministry’s refusal of entry to people landing at Ben-Gurion airport to visit the West Bank via Israel. Since the territory is under Israeli military control, there is no option but to travel through Israel to enter Palestine, a stance upheld by an Israeli court only last year.
The article implies that there is no evidence that the protesters actually planned to protest at the airport or elsewhere.

This claim is just another lie.

The ISM website has a wonderful little guide for how anti-Israel activists can get into the territories. They say:
Arriving via Amman, Jordan

If you decide to come via Amman, Jordan, you will be questioned by Israeli authorities when you arrive at the border. They will ask you about why you are coming to Israel via Jordan. If you go from the Queen Alia airport in Amman to the border on the same day, they will ask you why you did not fly directly to Tel Aviv if you’re not spending time in Jordan.

If you are denied entry coming via Jordan or Egypt, the Israeli border authorities merely send you back to Jordan or Egypt. You are not forced onto an airplane, but are rather free in Jordan or Egypt to decide on your next steps. Which way you decide to come is your decision.
Meaning that it is pretty much just as easy to get into the territories from Jordan as it is from Ben Gurion Airport. At worst you spend a day or two sightseeing before you cross the Allenby bridge. And if they don't want you, you don't lose your airfare.

But there aren't hundreds of reporters waiting at the Allenby Bridge to see you arrive.

As far as I can tell, none of the protesters chose to come via Amman, even though their own "activist" leaders know very well how to use that option.

Which proves that they wanted to make a scene at Ben Gurion and had little intention to actually go and meet real Palestinian Arabs.

So why exactly should Israel allow people into the country when their only real goal is to disrupt airport operations?