Monday, January 16, 2012

Unity! Haniyeh insists that Gaza security forces will remain

At a graduation ceremony of "police" in Gaza yesterday, Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh insisted that the security forces that the Hamas security forces in Gaza will remain in place no matter what. Which means that he is against any consolidation of security forces with the PA - the acid test for any real unity between Hamas and Fatah.

He also said that the "police" were "a fortress for the Palestinian people and resistance."

Here is a photo of these "police" carrying weapons  and marching in ways that make them look a lot more like soldiers than policemen.

I don't know what he was supposed to have said here, but Google auto-translates part of his speech as saying

"What we have built we will not destroy, because the Palestinian people felt the fruit of construction, particularly by ending the security chaos, and the presence of police work for the home clean hands, tongue, vagina, grew up on the table the Koran."
That is some kinky stuff right there.