Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The media ignores Fatah's overtures to Islamic Jihad

Last month, the unrepentant Islamic Jihad terrorist organization was invited to be a part of the PLO leadership.

This story was woefully under-reported in the Western media.

As with all stories that violate the false memes carefully constructed by the media - in this case of a moderate and peaceful PLO leadership - it was decided in newsrooms across America and Europe that it is best not to report on information that is unexplainable.

It is the media equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears, closing your eyes and shouting "I can't hear you!"

There is simply no way to square away the idea that Palestinian Arabs want peace with the idea of their "moderate" leadership inviting a terror group to join their ranks.

When the media was faced with reporting on Fatah overtures to Hamas, it faced a similar crisis. But it managed to solve that problem by finding lots of experts to show how Hamas is really pragmatic and how it was abandoning terror and how it hasn't been directly responsible for terror attacks for a real long time, maybe even months. After many such articles downplaying Hamas' murderous nature appeared - most carefully ignoring the daily speeches and interviews of Hamas leaders that directly contradicted this new meme - the media thought they managed to handle the contradiction of a "peace partner" embracing a group of terrorists.

Abu Imad Rifai, Islamic Jihad delegate
But then came the PLO's invitation to Islamic Jihad, which even the most craven of journalists cannot frame as a moderate group.

So, gutless as they are, the hundred of journalists in the Middle East didn't bother reporting the story, or mentioned it briefly in context of the major story of Hamas/Fatah unity without bringing up the obvious fact:

If Fatah is cozying up to Islamic Jihad, it is embracing terror.

Next Sunday, a PLO meeting is to be held in Amman, Jordan. Islamic Jihad was naturally invited.

Jordan - a nation as committed to a Palestinian Arab state as any other - refused to grant visas to Islamic Jihad members.

Because they are terrorists.

The PLO has no such problems with Islamic Jihad. Which should tell you all you need to know about the current leadership of the PLO and how much they want peace.

(UPDATE 1/12: PIJ is now claiming that Jordan will allow them entry.)