Thursday, November 10, 2011

Praise for a master terrorist on the anniversary of Arafat's death

Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of Yasser Arafat's death, and Fatah-oriented newspapers are starting their annual love-fest with the master terrorist already.

Palestine Press Agency has two articles so far.

One is about Nasser al Kidwa, Arafat's nephew and former "foreign minster," who has been spending years trying to prove that Arafat was poisoned by Israel. Two years ago he announced that he was very, very close to the proof he needed.

This article sounds much the same, as Kidwa announced that he is about to finish translating the French medical report into Arabic. He claims that the French could not say he was poisoned for political reasons, but his interpretation of the report leaves no doubt in his mind that Israel poisoned him with an unknown poison whose effects mirror every symptom Arafat had.

Kidwa will die before he manages to accomplish his life's work. No doubt of secret Israeli poison. (Or the ever popular Joo-Rays.)

The second article is about how Arafat was brilliant at keeping all his terrorist factions together in the name of unity. Here's the photo that accompanied the story, showing Arafat with Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin whose own death was also in 2004.

Wafa also lauds Arafat's ability to unify and his terrorist history, saying that his opposition to external influence cost him his life.

They also have an interview with Fatah member Abbas Zaki, praising "Abu Ammar" on his military and political skill as well as his refusal to make peace in 2000.

Because, it seems, peace is one of those "red lines" that cannot be crossed.