Thursday, November 17, 2011

Palestinian Arab welfare, 1958

From AP, July 31, 1958:

This reporter only interviewed those in refugee camps. 

There were actually tens of thousands who did get jobs in Iraq, Kuwait and other Gulf states, and have lived there for decades. But their Arab host countries refuse to give them citizenship even if they were born there and will die there. 

Hundreds of thousands were expelled from Kuwait after the first Gulf War and tens of thousands were chased out of Iraq after the second. 

And over a million more were stripped of their Jordanian citizenship in 1988. 

Because they are so useful as pawns against Israel, you can be sure that the intractable refugee problem of 1958 will never be solved as long as Arab nations refuse to grant the Arabs of Palestinian origin the same rights of naturalization they grant every other Arab. This apartheid system is part of the legal codes of these countries and no one is bothered by it because it serves the political purposes of Arab leaders.

The only people being screwed are the Palestinian Arabs themselves, and who cares about them? Certainly not their so-called leaders. Certainly not any of the NGOs that pretend to love them so much. Certainly not Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. Certainly not the UN, and (at least since 1960) certainly not UNRWA. 

After all, only one nation welcomed their Palestinian Arab refugees as full citizens after 1948, and as we all know, that country is guilty of apartheid.