Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An effective anti-Israel protest in Detroit - and a question

On November 1, Wayne State University's "Students for Israel" group sponsored Gil Hoffman, a Jerusalem Post writer and IDF reservist, to speak.

Anti-Israel students came up with an effective protest. They jammed the auditorium where Hoffman was speaking, some of them holding signs or with their mouths taped up, and at one point they all got up and left, leaving the hall with only 15 or so people left to hear Hoffman.

While it shows that they have no interest in dialogue or co-existence with Israel, there is nothing wrong with their methods - as long as they didn't disrupt the talk or stop interested people from attending, it is a fine and legal way to show displeasure.


According to this account, about 150 protesters participated and it was well organized and planned. They were not only from WSU but also from Fordson High School.

Fordson High is about 95% Arab. Its principal and most administration are Arab as well. There have been charges that the administration has discriminated against non-Muslim teachers.

Hoffman's talk was scheduled for 12:30 PM, right in the middle of a normal school day.

Fordson High is about seven miles away from WSU, a 15 minute drive but it takes some 45 minutes to get there by public transportation.

My question is, did the administration of a public high school allow - or encourage - its students to attend an anti-Israel demonstration during a school day? And if so, did they provide transportation to the event?

If so, the high school administrators should have to answer for their actions.