Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work accidents! 5 new martyrs in "paradise"!

From Ma'an :
Three men were killed Tuesday in an explosion at a resistance training ground in the southern Gaza Strip.

Popular Resistance Committees spokesman Abu Mujahid told Ma'an that three men affiliated with the group were killed in a blast at the Abu Ataya training ground in Tel Sultan, west of Rafah. 
It was not immediately clear what caused the explosion but the Israeli military said it was not responsible. 
Abu Mujahid identified those killed as Younis Abu An-Naja, Ramzi Abu Harb, and Mahmoud Al-Arqan.

On Friday, two fighters affiliated with Hamas were killed in an explosion in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

If you like to gaze at an image of a 'sploded fighter, you can see it at the Hamas Al Qassam website, which improbably claims:
Israeli occupation intellegence services push its collaborators to plant ground mines inside the training camps of the Palestinian resistance factions to cause a state of insecurity and fear in the Strip.

Virtual candy all around to celebrate the latest holy jihadists entering the next world, and being sorely disappointed at their reception!

(I cannot find verification of the Friday explosion anywhere, so I'm not sure where Ma'an got that from.)