Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Newest nutty Egyptian rumor: Mossad tried to grab Mubarak from hospital

Popular Egyptian daily Rose el-Youssef has spun a new conspiracy theory to rival the one from yesterday (which also originated there) about the Mossad grabbing Egyptians' email and contact lists via online TV viewing software.

This one says that last Friday, the Mossad almost grabbed Hosni Mubarak from his hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The overly detailed theory says that the plan was masterminded by fugitive Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem, and that helicopters had been deployed last Friday by the Mossad from Eilat to enable the snatch, that they would enter the hospital with guns blazing while Egypt's security was busy in Cairo for the latest Tahrir Square protests there, and that Mubarak would be disguised with a wig (since no one would consider the gunfire at his hospital has anything to do with him.)

I'm not sure why this brilliant plan was foiled, but I'm sure that Egyptian cunning and intelligence had something to do with it.