Tuesday, May 24, 2011

George Galloway meets with Islamic Jihad terrorist leader

Palestine Today reports that George Galloway, along with other members of Viva Palestina like Kevin Ovenden, met with Islamic Jihad leader Abu Imad Rifai in his office in Beirut.

Galloway praised the Arabs who marched towards Israel on May 15th.

Rifal thanked Galloway for his help in the battle against the Zionist enemy and emphasized the "right" of Palestinian Arabs to "return" to Israel. He also slammed President Obama for supposedly creating a conspiracy where Palestinian Arabs would be naturalized in the countries of their birth like Lebanon and Syria instead of being kept in stateless  misery for the upcoming decades as he evidently prefers.

Here is the happy couple:

I cannot find a single news story or blog entry that mentions that Galloway is even in Lebanon, let alone meeting with and supporting terrorist leaders. But this photo was indeed taken today.