Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summary of Gaddafi's latest speech

Tweeter iyad_elbaghdadi live-tweeted Gaddafi's latest speech, given by phone from an undisclosed location, and his description contains details that are not being reported in Al Jazeera. Here is a summary:

Life in Libya is stopped completely because of what's happening, there are armed gangs and lootings. Protesters are drunks and junkies.

[He's even describing what the "hallucinogenic drugs" are and that their effects are (did he use them himself?)]

Are there no men or some reasonable person to stop these kids and take them off the streets and back home? Al Qaeda is behind all of this, they have recruited our kids. Why are you all joining Bin Laden?

These kids in Darna and Al-Bayda should be taken to Gitmo. Men, get out of home and pick up your kids and put them back home. God says you should obey your leaders. You should not obey Bin Laden's agents.

(Now he's talking about differences between Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, and Alqaeda.)

You protesters are following Israel and Bin Laden. (!) Let Bin Laden come and feed you when your oil is gone!

There are so many kings in the world who have ruled much longer; I haven't been in power since 1977. [He claimed that he is only a symbolic leader, like Queen Elizabeth - EoZ]

Speech summary? Israel told Bin Laden to give drugs to your kids. Now ground your kids.