Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning links

Some things to check out:

Israel's Channel 10 has a program about Israel's navy that includes never before seen footage of the Mavi Marmara from cameras on the soldiers themselves (starts around 1:30). The chaos and fear is undeniable. Hebrew only. (h/t JS)

CiFWatch is starting a contest where you have to say why the Guardian sucks - in less than 140 characters, including room to hashtag it on Twitter. Winner gets a $50 gift card. My entry:
The Guardian sucks because it discards any journalistic integrity it once had to push an anti-Western, anti-Israel agenda @ 

Barry Rubin on whether the Egyptian revolution will be a net gain or loss for the West.

The Netherlands Parliament affirms Israel as the Jewish state.

The ADL lauds a German scholar on his work exposing the links between Nazi and modern Muslim anti-semitism (he has a nice takedown on Gilbert Achcar as well).

IsraeliGirl and Giyus bring us another set of hate links on Facebook that you can flag for removal.

Round 1, Match 3 of the Pro-Israel Blog-Off has finished, and it was very close! Round 4 begins today.