Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Morning linkdump

Things that crossed my desk recently...

Khaled Abu Toameh on how the PLO is using the US veto to bolster its image

An Arab MK says Obama can go to hell. Which means that the US has to redouble its efforts to make Arabs happy, in the current logic of the administration.

And speaking of the UN vote, Melanie Phillips goes after Britain for voting in favor of the resolution.

The Irish Independent has an op-ed that is skeptical of real freedoms breaking out in the Arab world.

The MERIA Journal on Syria's triumph in Lebanon (you do remember Lebanon, don't you?)

WSJ has a good analysis on the latest in Libya.

Michael Totten has a great piece on Libya as well in TNR.

Lee Hiromoto writes about what Israel is really like in the Harvard Crimson. This article should be published in every college newspaper in the US and UK.

Barry Rubin analyzes tweets by Egypt's famed Sandmonkey blogger.

Hate for Israel might be the only thing Egyptians can agree on.

Jeff Jacoby on the larger lessons of the Lara Logan episode.

Michael Ledeen discusses the back door being used from Germany to Turkey to Iran.

Why Israel worries about Jordan.

A German soccer fans seem to really like an Israeli player.

(h/t T34, Silke, Zach N., Joel, DM, Richard)