Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-day link briefs

Benny Morris:
Whatever happened to the image of the hardboiled, cynical journalist, who believes no one and questions everything?
Just Journalism: (h/t Folderol)
Osama Hamdan offers an official Hamas response to the Palestine papers in The Guardian today, in which he claims that had the Palestinian Authority reached a peace deal with Israel based on the compromises laid out in the exposed documents, it ‘would have represented the biggest act of treason in the region’s history.’
Palestine Press Agency: A man tried to set himself on fire in Gaza.

Israeli officials who favor concessions to the Palestinians — get labeled by Big Media as “pragmatic,” “moderate,” and “dovish.”

What about the Palestinian officials outed as favoring concessions to Israel? Is the MSM describing them as “moderates,” “doves,” and “pragmatic” now?
Daphne Anson: An Aussie Doc’s Role in the Birth of Israel

Alan Dershowitz:
Although I have opposed Israel's civilian settlements in the West Bank since 1973, I strongly believe that the United States should veto a resolution currently before the U.N. Security Council that would declare illegal "all Israeli settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territory." This condemnatory resolution is being supported by all members of the Security Council other than the U.S.
(For WSJ articles, first find it in Google News by doing a search on "Dershowitz UN gangs up on Israel again" and then click it in order to bypass the paywall.)

Bernard Henri Levy:
[BDS is] a skilfully orchestrated but calumnious, bellicose, anti-democratic and, in a word, perfectly despicable campaign.

Alana Goodman on the PLO flag - and Taiwan.

JPost on Google making Yad Vashem Holocaust database more accessible.

Holocaust denial on Iranian TV (MEMRI)