Friday, November 26, 2010

Guess who Egyptians are blaming for Copt unrest?

From CNN:
Egyptian authorities have rounded up 156 people in connection with this week's deadly protests over plans to build a church near Cairo, the government announced Thursday.

Those arrested have been ordered held for 15 days while the investigation into Wednesday's clashes continues, Egypt's official Middle East News Agency reported.

Police battled about 150 demonstrators outside a government building in the Cairo suburb of Giza on Wednesday. Police turned to tear gas to break up the melee, while protesters responded with Molotov cocktails. The clashes left a Christian protester dead.

Tensions have been running high between Egypt's Muslim majority and minority Christians, who make up about 9 percent of the people. Copts, who are adherents of an Egyptian sect of Christianity, complain of discrimination, including the lack of freedom to build houses of worship. The government denies those accusations.
Dr. Mostafa El Feki is a high ranking member of Egypt's ruling party who had recently received the Mubarak Award, Egypt's highest honor, andis now a member of the Shoura Council. He is considered

Al Quds al Arabi quotes him as knowing exactly who was behind the Copt disturbances this week:

The Mossad.

As el-Feki says,
It is very clear that the fingers of foreign parties are playing havoc on the country and are exploiting the election season for the implementation of their plan to destabilize the security and stability in Egypt. Almost certainly the involvement of Mossad [can be seen] in those events, after the admission of the Israeli director of the responsibility for playing a pivotal role to turn the South Sudan and the African States against Egypt.
The only connection I've seen between the Mossad and Southern Sudan is that the Mossad admitted that they are on the ground there, training security forces.

But you know those Jews, always stirring up trouble against the neighbors they have peace agreements with.