Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog update

Still trying to recover the blog to a reasonable style, and not happy with spending this much time on it.

On some browsers/machines, it seems to look reasonable; on others, the background is a sickly green. I cannot figure out why. Somehow there is a CSS or something that is overriding the template settings I chose, but for some reason they do not override when you view an individual post, just the home page.

I do not think I will even try to put it back the way it was.

As for comments, they were supposed to have migrated over to the correct posts...and that doesn't seem to have happened. I don't know enough about the comment system yet to know whether you can search for your old posts; I honestly haven't had time to play with it as I try to fix the template.

The one bit of good news is that Ruthie will not need to add the titles of the post to the comment threads anymore!

Que sera sera...