Wednesday, October 06, 2010

When is a dance worse than a massacre?

Binyomin Netanyahu has condemned the video that surfaced this week that apparently shows an Israeli soldier bellydancing near a blindfolded Arab woman:

Netanyahu's office said in a statement Wednesday that such videos cause "unacceptable harm to human dignity" of the Palestinians, embarrass the Israeli military and "cause serious international damage."

"The humiliation of prisoners and detainees is not the way of the state of Israel nor that of the Jewish people," Netanyahu said.
Here, in contrast, is the condemnation of the PA prime minister for the cold-blooded murder of four civilians in late August:

"What happened tonight in Hebron was timed to coincide with the PLO's decision to engage in negotiations to end the occupation and achieve freedom and independence for our people," Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said.

"We condemn this operation, which runs counter to Palestinian interests and against efforts of Palestinian leadership to mobilize international support for the rights of our people as well as with previously signed agreements."
And this is not from Mahmoud Abbas, but from that Western-educated darling of the free world, Salam Fayyad.

In fact, never has a Palestinian Arab leader condemned the most heinous terror attacks and massacres with language approaching that of Netanyahu to describe a dance that happened two years ago. Not once has a Palestinian Arab leader said that any act where Jews were killed was wrong from a moral perspective.

In fact, it is simply impossible to even imagine an attack that would be so depraved that Abbas or Erekat or Fayyad would call it disgusting, or reprehensible, or immoral, or shameful, if the victims would be Israelis.

Just more evidence of the light years of difference between the morality of the Jewish state and the visceral response it gives for events like these, and the sheer, disgusting immorality of the Palestinian Authority leaders.

The only time I am aware of that an Arab leader showed the level of regret for an attack that Netanyahu just did for a stupid (and clearly wrong) stunt was when King Hussein apologized for the Peace island massacre of seven Jewish schoolgirls by a Jordanian soldier. The late king called the act "heinous," said that the soldier should have been shot on the spot, and went to pay personal condolence calls to the families of the victims asking for forgiveness.

The contrast between King Hussein and every single Palestinian Arab leader could not be starker. Every condemnation of terror attacks from Arafat through Abbas and Fayyad have been utterly devoid of meaning, a mere mouthing of words to appease the West with the clear implication that the acts would be considered heroic under other political circumstances. The "hawkish, intransigent extremist" Netanyahu has made an apology that shames those of the "moderate, peace-loving" Palestinian Arab leadership.

The funny thing is, if PalArab leaders were like King Hussein, there would have been a peace agreement years ago. Israelis would fall over themselves to make peace with someone they perceive as being sincere and empathetic, no matter the cost. One major reason there is no peace - and why real peace is impossible - is simply because Israelis know, based on experience and the actions of PalArab leaders today, that any agreement they sign is meaningless and worthless.

Just like their "condemnations" are.