Thursday, October 21, 2010

More on the fake graves in Mamilla

Palestine Today writes that the Muslim Waqf and the Al Aqsa Foundation went to court to stop the demolition of Arab graves in the Mamilla cemetery.

Their lawyer eloquently said, "We are the owners and the ones with the rights this historic Muslim cemetery. No one else has any rights there! There is no basis for the occupation authorities to demolish the graves of Muslims, [it is a] heinous crime and a flagrant violation of basic human rights, and violation of the feelings and beliefs of the Muslim people."

The only problem is that the Jerusalem Municipality isn't destroying any Muslim graves, but instead they are dismantling new headstones that the Al Aqsa Foundation have erected only recently in order to expand the boundaries of the cemetery. No one is buried under them.

Of course, the Arabic press is silent on this minor fact. They are inciting their readers by telling them that hundreds of their ancestors' graves are being destroyed.

This outright lie, that Israel is targeting Muslim graves, started in August. It was even believed by the president of the UN's General Assembly, who happily repeated the lie.

And so it goes.

(h/t Yerushalimey)