Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday afternoon links

Israel's Chief Rabbi tells the Vatican not to interpret the Torah for Jews (story in French, in reaction to this story)

Eid al Adha is coming, and Gaza needs some 20,000 sheep and 8,000 cows to ritually slaughter in the streets (Arabic)

The Guardian, about a month late, notices that Hamas torched a Gaza water park. But they take pains to distringuish between mainstream Hamas and the extremists from Hamas who, in uniform, capriciously force Gazans to do what, um, Hamas wants. (h/t CiFWatch)

An op-ed that notices that, just maybe, UNRWA is part of the problem!

Egypt: Feeding its Coptic Christians to the Islamic lions

Also in Egypt, a pro-Israel conscientious objector, whose freedom to say unpopular opinions publicly is about to go away, possibly forever.