Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Terrorists brag that they can defeat "Iron Dome"

Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed claimed that Israel's deployment of the anti-missile Iron Dome system will be defeated.

On Monday, Israel successfully tested the Iron Dome system, and the first two batteries are planned for November.

Ahmed said that the announcement was mere "psychological warfare" and that Islamic Jihad has "new tactics" to defeat the system.

He claimed that the system cannot handle two rockets at once (although the Monday test proved that it could.)

It sounds more like Islamic Jihad is engaging in psychological warfare than Israel.

The Christian Science Monitor warns that the system is no "silver bullet" as a single system cannot defend large cities, and it can still be "overwhelmed" by multiple launches. It also characterizes the 44 Israeli civilians who were killed by Katyushas in 2006 as a "handful of civilians."