Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scientific poll of Jew-haters agree - "Zionists" control the media

I found this amusing:
CNN's firing of a journalist for honoring the late Grand Ayatollah Fadlallah is a case of intellectual terrorism and Zionistic clout in western media, a poll finds.

Nearly two-thirds (65.99%) of respondents participating in the latest Press TV poll have described CNN's recent move to sack its Middle East senior editor Octavia Nasr as an instance of intellectual terrorism reflecting the influence of Zionists on mainstream western media outlets.

Meanwhile, over 20 percent of those polled believe that Zionists control the western media.

Less than ten percent of the participants maintain that CNN had the right to question Nasr's integrity.
The "poll," of course, was only of readers of Iran's PressTV, which means that it was already a wee bit weighted towards the antisemitic demographic.