Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scathing attack on Fayyad

Palestine Times, a pro-Hamas newspaper, published a scathing attack on PA prime minister Salam Fayyad.

The article compares Fayyad with the hedonistic Roman emperor Nero, as a "parasite sitting at the head of parasites in the West Bank." The author is particularly upset at the proliferation of nightclubs in the territories, which it claims is being done under American orders.

The PA, referred to as "lice," is castigated for pretending to defend Palestinian Arab heritage - but, the author asks, "What heritage are they talking about!!?? Are there traditions that intertwine the hands of women and men together?? Is there a tradition of mixed dancing and lack of decency?!"

This supporter of Hamas, which recently opened up the Gaza Mall as well as tourist spots for Gazans, asks rhetorically how the PA could countenance these sorts of clubs while so many Palestinian Arabs are suffering from Zionist crimes.

He says that "nightclubs and bars were encouraged by America to spread immorality in the streets of the West Bank, as a number of press agencies and news channels file reports on life in the streets of Ramallah and publish images of nightlife in the bars in the city as if to say, 'look at what we have achieved, we liberated Israel from terrorism, and America's dream of a Palestinian state is closer than ever before!!'"

He concludes by saying that Nero created an army of prostitutes, and that the head of prostitutes must be a prostitute and the leader of a pack of dogs must be a dog. He sarcastically blesses Fayyad, "carrying the banner of immorality in Palestine," but reminding him in an oblique threat that the "top of the pyramid may be removed by force."