Sunday, June 13, 2010

The latest hour of footage aboard the Mavi Marmara

I saw this expanded footage last night but it didn't add too much to what we already knew. Still, it adds a little:

From this video we learn:

* Even though the Australian reporter said that the IDF timed the raid for Muslim prayers, the Muslims on board prayed well beforehand
* The "bloodstains" that were mentioned on the ladder were from paintballs
* The helicopter caught on the video is almost certainly the third one
* Even though the top deck had the hardcore IHH jihadists, the "humanitarians" on the lower deck still were prepared with slingshots and at least a few with metal poles
* At 50:30 we see people still waiting to ambush soldiers with metal bars and chains, in full view of all the "peace activists." No one says a word against this. One person opens up a package or something (pepper spray?) with a fairly large knife.
* There is an intriguing edit at about the 1:00:40 mark where someone starts saying what sounds like "Stupid Jews, stupid Zionists, to try to (unitelligible) soldiers" - then he gets edited out.