Friday, June 11, 2010

Israeli plot to steal water from the Nile revealed!

Al Masry al-Youm reports:

The ruling National Democratic Party's policies secretariat has reportedly received a confidential memorandum from a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs detailing Israeli designs to gain access to the waters of the Nile River in exchange for completing construction of the Gongli Canal project in southern Sudan.

It is estimated that, when complete, the Gongli Canal project would increase Sudan's and Egypt's annual share of Nile water by between 10 billion and 15 billion cubic meters. According to the memorandum, Israel plans to ask for half of these amounts, for which it is prepared to pay US$0.1 per cubic meter.
According to these charges, Israeli expertise can increase the amount of fresh water available to Egypt and Sudan by a huge amount. In exchange, Israel wants to pay low rates to buy some of this water that would not exist without Israeli help.

Egypt would lose nothing, and would gain enormously. Yet the NDP would rather deny their own citizens access to water in order to keep Israelis from getting water!

How's that for hate?

Not only hat, but the NDP is so confident that this idea - of Israelis helping Egyptians and Sudanese get billions more cubic meters of fresh water - is abhorrent to average Egyptian that it leaks this alleged plan as a scandal!

Here is how Palestine Today illustrates the reported water plan - a stereotypical Jew cutting the veins of Egypt in the shape of the Nile river basin.

This is the difference between Arabs and Israelis in a nutshell. Israel keeps trying to find win-win solutions, things that would benefit everyone in the region. This is how they approach the peace process, relations with Arabs, and relations with the rest of the world. They will constantly seek solutions that not only help themselves but everyone else as well.

To Arabs, however, everything involving Israel is a zero-sum game, and if Israel gains anything, then, by definition, the Arabs lose.

This is no exaggeration - in fact, some Arabs will happily admit this fact.

The natural outcome from all this is that Arabs will hurt their own people in order to hurt Israel, and when Israel helps Arabs that is considered a defeat for the Arab nation - because this is what Israelis want to do. Peace itself is considered a loss for Arab honor!

Zionism itself was meant to be a win-win - where the Arabs of Palestine would be enriched and all boats would rise with the huge economic and social benefits that accompany the Jewish return to their homeland. Arab leaders and intellectuals couldn't think in those terms, because being helped by the hated Jews is an affront to their honor. (The ordinary citizens generally had no such problems, and remain today the main victims of their leaders' intransigence and dedication to the zero-sum game.)

The contrast between the two worldviews cannot be starker. One is enlightened and progressive, seeking solutions to problems; the other is primitive and archaic, preferring to exacerbate their own problems in order to inflict damage on a hated enemy.

And Israel has to figure out how to live in a region where "lose-lose" is considered, perversely, a victory.