Friday, June 18, 2010

I won the weekly WoW award (updated)

For the third time in four years, I have won the weekly Watcher of Weasels award for best non-Council post of the week.

My winning post, Gaza: The “Staggering quality of the very ordinary”, was tied with Pajamas Media's I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth About Islam. The Watcher himself broke the tie in my favor.  (The Council winner, also decided by tiebreaker, was Mere Rhetoric's takedown of NYT flotilla coverage, NYT: “Angry Israeli Commandos” Turned “Ship Of Protesters Into Bloodbath”.)

My previous winners are:
"Archaeological Temple Artifacts Drive PalArabs Crazy" (2006)
" Islamist strategy vs. Western tactics" (2008)

Other nominated posts over the years included:
Abbas Is Now the 'Political Wing' of Hamas
Very Interesting Arabic Editorial in Falasteen
The Perfect Weapon
Grim Milestone
The Extremism and Bigotry of PA 'Moderates'
November 1947 and Annapolis déjà vu
Rachel Corrie , the video 

Thanks to Soccer Dad for the nomination and tiebreaker!

UPDATE: While on trivial topics, this blog passed the 8000 post mark recently.