Monday, October 16, 2006

Very interesting Arabic editorial in "Falasteen"

I just mentioned about how the PalArabs are so upset over the fact that Canada is agreeing to take a handful of Palestinian Arabs who were in camps on the Iraq/Jordan border for three years.

An amazing editorial in "Falasteen" makes the explicit argument: it is better for Palestinian Arabs to be languishing in "refugee" camps with sewage running through the streets than to live in the West where they may lose their interest in destroying Israel.

The English autotranslation is poor but the argument is clear.

It starts off with the usual claptrap, as if the PalArab refugees of 1948 somehow are more special than the millions of refugees throughout history that managed to resettle in other areas:
Since the Palestinians have been subjected to the worst moral and humanitarian catastrophe at the hands of Western colonialism and its strategic stepfather Israel, What led to this unprecedented disaster in terms of the volume and quality of impact of the relocation of two thirds of the Palestinian people from the land of fathers and forefathers, which is linked organically linked and functionally normal across hundreds of years.
The author then goes on to describe the horror of the possibility that the Palestinian Arabs may become responsible for their own people, rather than the UNRWA:
On this pressured Israel and America to be with dealing with the refugee issue as part of what is called a work operating within multiple areas of service, humanitarian, technical and health - headed (by) a group of European countries in the context of each area identified him, . On this issue of the refugees is a secondary issue to be agreed upon later without reference to that section of Resolution 194 specifically, Based on this already, our attempt conspiracy to the right of return for refugees through what was known as the timely implementation of the peace program, which was famous among the top of his priorities is to transfer the powers of UNRWA to the Palestinian Authority in preparation for the cancellation and consequently the termination of the relief agency first witness to the calamity and disaster Palestinian refugees.

The next couple of paragraphs are laborious reading in the stilted translation - they include decrying the fact that Jordan is not accpeting mre Palestinian Arabs into its existing camps, and that Syria should as well - but the money quote is here:
We have warned and others in more than one location and an article about the dangers to be dissipating refugee diaspora Palestinians, since this will negatively impact on the fabric of their unity and their syndicated in the areas of asylum Chairperson, It is not evidenced by the clear position of all the levels and orientations of the Palestinian people when they insisted all, in coordination with the Lebanese government in a timely manner to the need for the Palestinian refugees accepted by the reduction of their civil, social, and we have made clear to the Lebanese government at the time that the enjoyment of those rights to those relating to resettlement, because the abridgement of the rights of refugees and civil service, and those who were already suffering from it and the less frequently today after the agreement with the Lebanese government. these will lead to migration to other European countries and therefore as a result of this disruption to the bloc refugees in Lebanon and the resulting in the end of the negative impact on their right to return to their homes and property.
What he seems to be saying here is that the Lebanese government had the opportunity (whether it was internal or from outside pressure, I don't know) to integrate Palestinian Arabs into Lebanese society and eliminate their pain of refugee status - and this was considered by the self-appointed Palestinian Arab leaders to be a disastrous plan, because happy Palestinian Arabs destroy the unity of their "people!" They might move away from their miserable camps and actually build lives like normal human beings - and this is not acceptable!

The corollary, of course, is that the fictional "Palestinian" peoplehood is a farce - that the only thing that unifies the PalArabs is their hatred of Israel and their desire to see it destroyed. On an individual basis, PalArabs have proven time and time again that they just want to be treated like human beings and to be able to raise their families in dignity, and they never cared whether this was in Palestine or Jordan or Syria, or Canada for that matter. Their "leaders," symbolized here by this writer, do not want to see individual Palestinian Arabs happy, because their main card in pressuring Israel is a huge amount of miserable "refugees." The author is saying how the Western powers, in trying to help Palestinian Arabs live respectable and honorable lives, are really trying to destroy them as a people.

Which is in a sense true - a people that would assimilate into the surrounding countries would indeed disappear, unless there was a compelling religious or nationalistic force keeping them together. Since the concept of Palestinian Arab culture and nationalism is a relatively recent phenomenon, and mostly artificially created by the hell their "brethren" put them through in not accepting them as part of the larger Arab nation, they would fade away pretty quickly. Their "leaders" have a vested interest in keeping this from happening - or else they would be left without people to lead.

This is why they are freaking out over only 46 of their people moving to Canada. If other PalArabs see that some of their people have escaped the concentration camps that their leaders insist they stay in, they will start getting ideas as well.

And who wrote this article?

Imad Saladin
- Writer and researcher in the legal and political affairs
Solidarity International Foundation for Human Rights

Here the circle of hypocrisy is complete. A person supposedly devoted to human rights is openly advocating the absence of any human rights for Palestinian Arabs. (This may be the ISM.)

An interesting exercise may be to ask an advocate of Palestinian Arab rights whether they support Canada's humanitarian gesture in taking in a few dozen PalArabs from a camp where they had no human rights and letting them move to Canada. This one issue can show exactly how corrupt and hateful the ostensibly pro-Palestinian Arab movements are - towards "Palestinians!"