Monday, June 14, 2010

Humanitarians aboard ship know what IHH was up to

CiFWatch isolates a fascinating conversation from an early part of the Iara Lee video:

Voice A: “They get held hostage or they get chucked off”
Voice B: “Chucked off?”
Voice A: “They get chucked off – they get thrown off.”
A few minutes later, Voice A explains things further for Voice B:
Voice A: “These guys … these Turks … they’re not like us … [we] come from an easy life … [they are not] just on a boat to Gaza…they’re always ready for these things.”
After a pause, Voice B expresses his concern, which is dismissed by Voice A:
Voice B: “So they’re ready to fight?”
Voice A: “Whatever happens.”

So apparently even the English-speaking "humanitarians" were aware of what the IHH planned to do.