Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bald-faced lies by IHH

The IHH, the terrorist-supporting group that was primarily behind the violence on the Mavi Marmara, has released a glossy PDF file filled with lies about what happened on the flotilla. It doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny but the Free Gaza movement is publishing and disseminating it happily, because truth is apparently not a virtue to these virtuous "humanitarians."

I can't do a word-for-word fisking because the IHH did not save the file in such a way that the text can be copied, and optical character recognition is pretty much useless. But here are some lowlights:

"The sole aim of these ships was to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza and break the siege"

Well, that's two aims! And as we know from Free Gaza, humanitarian aid is used a cover for the political goal of delegitimizing Israel. In fact, the Mavi Marmara contained no humanitarian aid whatsoever.

The IHH claims that Israel blocked their communication to the Turksat satellite at 22:30 at the same time that the Israeli boats began to follow them. However, live broadcasts continued up until IDF soldiers boarded the ship, as the initial video of beating and stabbing Israeli soldiers was broadcast in real time.

IHH claims that two Israeli submarines were involved in the operation. This is the first I have heard that claim, and so far no evidence has been found to that effect. I am not sure what a submarine would accomplish, unless IHH is implying that Israel was ready to torpedo the boats.

The videos show that the IHH attackers had finished their morning prayers some time before the IDF arrived, and that they had plenty of time to prepare their iron batons, slingshots, and broken bottles to attack the soldiers. The IHH also does not say a word about the IHH throwing items on the soldiers alongside the boat, including one percussion grenade. All of this is on video.

Machine-gun fire? We don't hear that on any of the videos smuggled from the ship.

Shooting as they were descending? Unless the soldiers had three arms, that is impossible.

Geared directly towards killing? Then why were there no deaths on the other boats?

People defending themselves only with items they could find? Um, no, they were prepared a bit ahead of time (especially second video on that link.)

The IHH report goes on to detail more lies, each more fantastic than the one before (for example, that an IHH doctor handed over the injured Israeli soldiers - and then they shot him!) but those lies cannot be refuted with video evidence, merely common sense. Obviously, IHH is not going to mention their own exhortations to throw the soldiers overboard.

Then again, if a "humanitarian" organization has no compunction about preparing to attack humans with iron batons, why would one thing that they have any problem with lying to the world about it?