Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iran training Hamas in Sudan?

A Sudanese news website is saying that Iran's Revolutionary Guards are training Hamas members in the Sudan.

A new report prepared by [the security device west?] claims that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is training members of the Hamas movement to fire ground-to-ground rockets in the Sudan.

The report adds that the first session focused on the preparation of 14 members of Hamas, who had arrived in Sudan from the Gaza Strip early last December. Some of the graduates returned to the Gaza Strip through tunnels to form the spearhead as leaders and trainers in the cells of the rocket fire. These training sessions are confidential, as a very limited number of employees of the Sudanese armed forces areaware of their existence. And the [Iranian] Quds Force has allocated a budget amounted to $170,000 to cover the costs of the courses in the Sudan, has also allocated a monthly stipend of $300 payable to trainees Hamas while they are in the Sudan.
It will be recalled that last year, a large weapons convoy was bombed in the Sudan near the Egyptian border, with weapons that are presumed to have been meant for Gaza.