Thursday, January 21, 2010

Terrorists love Akiva Eldar

Akiva Eldar is one of Ha'aretz' go-to analysts with a consistent agenda of demonizing his nation.

A couple of days ago he tried to pour cold water on Israel's work in Haiti by saying how poorly Israel treats Gaza. For example:
The disaster in Haiti is a natural one; the one in Gaza is the unproud handiwork of man. Our handiwork. The IDF does not send cargo planes stuffed with medicines and medical equipment to Gaza....
I was not aware that Haiti was shooting rockets at Israel.

And apparently Eldar feels his message of unremitting Israeli hate towards Gaza would be diluted if he mentions the medical clinic that Israel did set up for Gazans after the war - that Hamas barred Gazans from going to. Eldar cannot be bothered to mention the 4000 Gazans who did manage to get medical attention in Israeli hospitals in 2009. No, to Eldar, Israel is an evil nation who goes to Haiti for PR but callously ignores the people in pain in Gaza.

Not surprisingly, his op-ed has been featured all over the world in Arab and far left websites. And now, even the Hamas Al Qassam Brigades website has reprinted his article.

I wonder if they paid him?