Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martyr funeral fight!

Palestine Press Agency reports of tensions between Islamic Jihad and Salafist Muslim groups in Gaza.

The Salafist group wanted to take credit for two of the three "martyrs" killed by Israel when they were shooting rockets on Sunday. During the funeral, arranged by Islamic Jihad, the Salafists infiltrated the procession and managed to wrap one of the bodies in their flag before being chased off by the IJ members who re-wrapped the body with their own flag.

Although the Salafists had been at loggerheads with Hamas, particularly during the mosque takeover by their Jund al-Ansar Allah group a few months ago, this is the first sign that they have problems with the Islamic Jihad terrorists as well.

I just want to see video of the terrorists fighting over the dead bodies at the funeral.