Friday, January 22, 2010

Islamic Jihad celebrates Beit Lid massacre anniversary

On January 22, 1995, Islamic Jihad staged one of its bloodiest terror attacks, the double suicide bombing at the Beit Lid junction. 21 were killed.

One of the more heinous tactics used in this bombing was the targeting of medical personnel. As ambulances and medics converged on the scene to help the victims, the second bomber ran into the crowd and blew himself up as well.

Predictably, the Islamic Jihad mouthpiece newspaper Palestine Today is celebrating this attack today on the 15th anniversary.

It is worthwhile to note that the Beit Lid massacre was the seventh major terror attack after the Oslo "peace" agreement, just sixteen months after the signing. What was supposed to herald a new era of peace was instead bringing the worst wave of terror within Israel in its history. Even dovish then-president Ezer Weizman called for a halt in the "peace" accords in the wake of Beit Lid. Yitzchak Rabin didn't listen, and the bombings continued, years before the second intifada.

This is what the world called "peace," and it is what terrorists are celebrating today.