Thursday, August 06, 2009

A small example of Arab thought

Just see if you can get through this paragraph without rolling your eyes at least thrice:
It is no mystery to the observer that the stability of the world and the hopes for international peace hinge on the achievement of a JUST AND LASTING PEACE in the Holy Land. This would mean dispelling the notion that Israel is a bastion of peace, harmony and regional cohesion. On the contrary, keen observers of events in the region, since the unholy creation of this Spartan chauvinistic enclave amidst a region blessed by the Lord Al-Mighty as the birthplace of the most important and advanced spiritual missions, tend to underscore the fact that Israel is indeed a dangerous and backward human experience that relies on maintaining an international disorder as a clear rationale for its unholy existence. Observers know that Israeli Zionist dogma would not have a chance to thrive in a peaceful world, as for example, American taxpayers would then question the rationale of continuing to provide Israel with US $ 10,000,000 per day (as suggested by former President Jimmy Carter in an interview with Larry King Live on CNN). Not only that, but it would be clear that the whole essence of an arrogant policy of embezzlement and arm-twisting tactics does not provide for a peaceful coexistence amongst the nations of the region, in particular and for world peace in general. It is no secret that the people of Germany are still paying for the crimes of their former Fuhrer many times over, although they and their parents did not even have any part in the crimes that this madman that were perpetrated against many sizable ethnic communities throughout the world, for which no group enjoys a monopoly thereof.
Yes, the renowned Arab comedian Hassan Al-Haifi, who has the hilarious email address commonsense@yemen.net.ye, is still alive and kicking, more than two years after I showed his incredible record of conspiracy theories and bizarre, meandering mindset.

Forget peace with Israel's neighbors - this is how much hate Arabs have of Israel from thousands of miles away.