Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo of evil Jews

Palestine Today marks today as the 40th anniversary of the arson attack against the Al Aqsa Mosque by a deranged Australian Christian named Michael Dennis Rohan. Palestine Today has an article about it, calling Rohan "Jewish" (as Arabs have done for 40 years.)

Perhaps more interesting is how PalToday chose to illustrate the article:
They've used this exact image at least twice before. (It was originally part of a series of pictures showing the placement of a model of the Second Temple.)

Clearly this family is part of a plot to destroy Al Aqsa and replace it with a Joooish Temple. The father is photographing the Holy Sanctuary to figure out where to place the bombs, and the kids are holding extra sensitive Mossad-built lasers to pinpoint the weak points.

By the way, exactly six years ago Hamas attacked a bus leaving the Western Wall. The suicide bomber killed 18 people including 5 children.

In other words, a far more heinous attack occurred on this same date in history, but no one talks about that one.