Friday, August 07, 2009

"J Street" against peace

AIPAC authored a letter being signed by members of Congress asking President Obama to push Arab states into recognizing Israel.

Should be a no-brainer, right? And to 70 Senators, it is.

But some left-wing Jewish organizations are outraged. For example, J Street writes:
Defenders of the unworkable status quo are whispering to the White House and Congress that supporting the President's thoughtful and balanced approach to the Middle East could hurt them politically.

And they're supporting a sign-on letter in the Senate, authored by Senators Bayh (D-IN) and Risch (R-ID), that directly undercuts the President's policy, asking that President Obama press only Arab states. The letter doesn't even mention the need for Israel to stop building settlements or for Palestinians to end incitement to violence against Israel!
So, let's get this straight: J Street feels that Arab governments should not recognize Israel at this time. They feel that their improving their relations with Israel should be dependent on Israel's settlement activity, and should not occur just because Israel exists and is a nation like any other.

I wonder, do they also feel that Israel should not recognize a Palestinian Arab state because such a state would be Judenrein? Should no state recognize any other if they disagree with their policies? Is the existence of Jewish communities in historic Jewish lands a bigger crime than the human rights abuses that China or Syria practice daily - actions that J Street do not consider to be worthy of diplomatic isolation?

Their absurd suggestion that Israel's being recognized should be dependent on other factors is outrageously offensive and it shows the moral depravity that these organizations have. They claim to want "peace" but a straightforward call for Israel to be at peace with her Arab neighbors, without preconditions, is denounced in no uncertain terms.

How, exactly, can these jokers [perhaps that is what the "J" stands for] claim to represent any segment of Judaism or Zionism, let alone a majority? Their position is identical to Saudi Arabia's. Is that how people who claim to be "pro-Israel" should act?