Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fatah conference officially endorses terror

Even though we have seen Fatah speakers and attendees insist that terror is desirable, they have now made it official.

Al Quds reports that the political platform of Fatah was ratified on Saturday night:
1 - Fatah stands as a national liberation movement aimed to eliminate and defeat the occupation and achieve independence for the Palestinian people, which is part of the Arab liberation movement from the world powers seeking freedom and independence of peoples.

2- The Fatah movement stresses its opposition to the Israeli occupation and that any inconsistencies are minor discrepancies resolved through [internal] communication and dialogue with the retention of the right to use all available means to defend the national unity and Palestinian legitimacy and the independent Palestinian national decisions.

3- The Fatah movement will remain faithful to the martyrs and the sacrifices and struggles for the freedom of prisoners, and reaffirms its adherence to the parameters of the Palestinian people on the land, Jerusalem, editors [?}, the removal of settlements, and the refugees and their return.

4 - In spite of our choice of just peace and the quest for completion, we will not disregard any of the choices, and we believe that all forms of resistance are a legitimate right of the peoples of territories in the face of occupation.

5- This declaration is an integral part of the political program of the Sixth General Conference of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement "Fatah".
And in case you want to minimize the fourth paragraph, Al Quds headlines the article:

Fatah approves political platform which emphasizes the right of all forms of resistance

No doubt, apologists for Palestinian Arab terror will mention that the 1988 conference explicitly mentioned "armed struggle" so will point to the more general "all forms of resistance are a legitimate right" as proof of "moderation."

They just cannot accept the simple fact that the mainstream of Palestinian Arab political thought celebrates and endorses the murder of Jews.