Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blood libel accusation spreads to Lebanon

Now that a Swedish newspaper has made naked Jew-hatred respectable, the Arabs are gleefully coming out of the woodwork, even in English.

As I mentioned, today's Arab News headlined an article reporting the lie that Israel steals Palestinian Arabs' organs as fact, although it mentioned far down in the article that people were upset at the accusation. Now Lebanon's Tayyar.org reports the story as entirely factual, along with self-righteous indignation like this:
A Horrible, revolting crime done by the Zionist against the Palestinians... I call upon the entire word and specifically the Arabs organizations that work to preserve "human rights", to read the article and call for an inquiry...
Maybe will they be able to save those young Palestinians who deserve to live... As if it is not bad enough for them to be living in their own land, humiliated by the occupation, no it is not enough… They should also die and get their organs ripped away from their bodies for the Zionist to make money and live..what a bad irony!!
This is "news" according to Google News.