Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's Palestinian Arab news roundup (7-16-09)

Jordanian media is reporting that the Obama administration is preparing to pressure Jordan to naturalize some Palestinian Arabs who have lived in Jordan for decades, as part of a comprehensive Middle East peace plan.

The Times of London is claiming that Israel is negotiating with Western countries to give concessions to Palestinian Arab claims in exchange for support for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

The IMF says that Israeli moves to improve the economy on the West Bank are resulting in the possibility that the West Bank GDP will increase by 7% this year.

The white phosphorus munitions Israel used sparingly in Gaza is now being blamed for miscarriages and birth defects by Gazan doctors, who are no doubt experts.

A new use has been found for Gaza tunnels: dumping bodies! A "youth" from northern Gaza was found, dead, in a half-kilometer deep tunnel in Rafah. The PalArab self-death count hits 116 for 2009.