Sunday, July 05, 2009

Today's PalArab news roundup 7-5-09

Hamas Vice: A female Arab journalist was arrested in Gaza for laughing in public and dressing immodestly. Hamas has a vice squad patterned after the religious police in Saudi Arabia.

Violence in Hebron, not a Jew in sight: Two unrelated murders in Hebron bring the self-death count up to 111. (There was also a clan clash in the Jerusalem, with one dead, but I don't count Arab murders in areas under Israeli control.)

Tit-for tat PalArab accusations: Hamas accused the PA of arresting 14 of its members, the PA accused Hamas of smuggling arms, cash and explosives to the West Bank.

UNRWA summer camps accused of being too tolerant: A Hamas official slammed UNRWA-run camps in Gaza, saying that they were attempting to corrupt an entire generation of Gaza children into accepting Israel as well as teaching boys and girls together.

Gaza cafe torched: Returning to the days before Cast Lead, Islamists in Gaza destroyed a cafe which presumably did not meet their standards for morality.

"Pro-Palestinian Paris bookstore attacked" - Al Arabiya reports a French Arab bookstore was "trashed" by Jewish extremists, possibly from the French Jewish Defense League. The photo of the store shows no damage at all.