Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Today's PalArab media roundup (7-1-09)

Hamas announced the death of field leader Ali Mohammed Tayeh, who was killed during a "special Jihad mission" in Gaza. In other words, a "work accident."(They only used the words "jihad mission" in Arabic.)

Some Palestinian Arabs are touting one benefit of being imprisoned in Israel: learning Hebrew. Their knowledge of the language helps them to understand the enemy and write letters to Hebrew newspapers that are more likely to be published. One former prisoner mentioned that he managed to take correspondence courses from Hebrew University while in prison.

Palestine Today quoted Karen Abu Zayd, commissioner general of UNRWA, as saying that Israel has set Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Keep in mind that this was being quoted in a website for a newspaper in Gaza which also publishes photos like this one, from a conference on youth in media. Look how primitive these people's lives are!

An Islamic Jihad site has a headline that a group of 30-40 radical Zionist Jewish extremists stormed the Al Aqsa compound (Temple Mount.) This "storming" consisted pretty much of...walking. Here's their picture:
Looks really violent!

The 2009 PalArab self-death count is now at 109.