Monday, July 06, 2009

A peek behind the Free Gaza hypocrisy

Today, yet again, Hamas was accused by the PA of torturing many of the Fatah prisoners, beating them and depriving them of sleep.

No one seriously doubts that Hamas, and the PA, torture prisoners. The evidence - and body count - is testimony enough to that.

However, the Free Gaza group is utterly silent about that. To them, only Israel tortures anyone. This despite the fact that the Red Cross routinely visits Arab prisoners in Israel, as opposed to any Hamas or Fatah prisoners in the territories.

A Free Gaza email that was sent today by leader Greta Berlin again ignores Arab torture, instead accusing Israel of torturing 11,000 Palestinian Arabs and saying "Israel outdoes the U.S. in torture, imprisonment and brutality. Where do you think the U.S. learned how to torture?"

Another member accidentally responded to the entire list saying "I recommend to drop the last sentence."

After all, FGM is trying to put world pressure on Israel, not to reveal their anti-American feelings to the world. Saying bad things about the Obama-led US might impact their fundraising efforts.

And, of course, they have no interest in protecting the Palestinian Arabs they pretend to care about from the real torture that they receive from their own people.

So Free Gaza goes on its merry way, pretending to be a humanitarian organization while shielding real terrorists from scrutiny.