Monday, July 06, 2009

"Mazel Tov" and "L'Chaim!" in Black Eyed Peas song

A coworker just informed me that a song by the Black Eyed Peas includes the lyrics "Mazel Tov" and "L'Chaim."

Sure enough, they are there, horribly misspelled in various lyrics sites.

Fill up my cup (Drink)
Mozolotov (Lahyme)
Look at her dancing (Move it Move it)
Just take it off
Not exactly bubbe-friendly lyrics!

This song has been noticed by the Jewish Journal blog.

The song is pretty catchy, although the lyrics themselves are a bit more raunchy than the music I normally listen to. The video is borderline NSFW, at least in my prudish opinion.

But I acknowledge that I am ancient. I am the Elder, after all.

UPDATE: For a more bizarre use of Yiddish by pop stars, check out the Jackson brothers' (sans Michael) take on Bei Mir Bis Du Schoen (introduction starts around 2:22, song at 3:00)