Monday, July 06, 2009

Its official. The world doesn't care about "Free Gaza."

The Free Gaza website and mailing list asked people to protest at Israeli embassies in Europe on Saturday.

Nobody showed up.

They asked people to go to a press conference in London today for the six members who arrived there after being deported from Israel.

Nobody showed up.

Their last "tweet" about the press conference was nine hours ago, and there are no news stories nor even followups on their own website about it.

Which could mean one of two things. Either the Jewish domination of the press is so all-encompassing that it can even shut up the Free Gaza website itself, or the world simply doesn't care about a group of self-centered hypocrites who deliberately try to get into confrontations with Israel and then whine when Israel treats them like irritating gnats.

They prefer the former explanation. When their website went down for a couple of hours last week they darkly implied they were "hacked." Until their system administrator said it was only a traffic spike that they couldn't handle.

Last year, the boats to Gaza were novel and interesting. Now, the world sees that Hamas has no interest in peace with Israel, peace with the PA nor in taking care of their own people and sympathy for Gazans have gone way down. The world sees that the moonbats are not saying a simgle bad word about rockets or Hamas abductions and torture. The world sees that hundreds of millions of dollars go to Gaza and no progress is made. The world sees that aid to Gaza gets taken over by Hamas.

Even the Israel-haters of the FGM are starting to realize that their Gaza message is getting stale. Now they are pushing a video about prisoners in Israeli prisons, an entirely different focus and one that dilutes their message about Gaza (but stays consistent with theie anti-Israel theme.)

Now they are begging for money, for volunteers, and for people to show up at their publicity stunts.

They're losing the battle that they themselves created the rules for.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people.

UPDATE: Dov has pictures of the tiny turnout.