Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Irritating Blogger changes

Google has just made some changes to Blogger that are bugging me.

While I used to be able to search, access and edit any of my previous posts from within the Edit screen, now I am limited to my most recent 5000 posts. I have lost edit access to any post from my first 15 months of blogging, including being able to tag the posts appropriately. (For example, I recently tagged all my book reviews, but couldn't tag my review of the sixth Harry Potter book.)

Also, the search engine at the top of the page has changed from "find every match and list it in reverse chronological order" to "find best match." Which is sometimes better, but I could do a Google relevance search from Google. Sometimes I am looking for a specific post from a certain time period and now I can't find it anymore.

Oh, well.