Friday, July 10, 2009

Another honor killing

From YNet:
A Jordanian police official says a 24-year-old farmer has stabbed his sister to death with a dagger to cleanse the family's honor. The official says the man turned himself in and confessed to killing his 27-year-old sister because he heard rumors she was dating a man.
What kind of a twisted society creates people who feel that a 27-year old woman must be killed for (rumors of) her dating a man???

Apparently, if you don't like a woman in an Arab society - perhaps you feel that she didn't properly smile at you at the corner grocery, or that she did smile at you too lasciviously - all you have to do is spread a rumor about her, and her family will kill her for you! It's the perfect crime!

This girl
better be careful, and so should her doll:
(h/t Rob and Soccer Dad via email)