Monday, July 27, 2009

Afternoon Arab news

Lots of interesting items:

A book was published in Beirut on the history of Jerusalem that claims that Jerusalem was never really that important to Jews.

Hamas again said they would not let Fatah members leave Gaza to attend the Fatah conference next week, proving again who holds the keys to the "open air prison."

Arabs are freaked out over Jews "storming" the Temple Mount to perform the dreaded "religious rites."

A top Islamic Jihad sheikh says that Arab victory over the Jews is imminent. One of its top leaders said that terrorism is the way that they will prevail.

In Saudi Arabia, a mother is quite upset that the Muttawa approached her daughter for being in a car with a boy - who was her brother.

A former major Pakistani official is saying that he is being demonized politically by Jews. You know, all those Jews in Pakistan.