Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Iraqi "Palestinians" find refuge outside the Arab world

The plight of the thousands of people marooned for years on the Iraqi/Syrian border continues.

As we've mentioned many times previously, the Arab world is utterly indifferent to this group of fellow Arabs, refusing to resettle them.

The reason?

Because they are of Palestinian Arab descent!

Iraqis hate them because Saddam Hussein gave them preferential treatment so they were driven out of the country that they were born in and often lived there for generations. Of course, because they are considered "Palestinian," they are ineligible for becoming citizens in any Arab country by law, a bit of discrimination that is justified on the grounds of keeping them "unified" in their misery. UNRWA cannot take care of them because they are not considered "Palestinian refugees" by their standards.

So the UNHCR has been begging nations worldwide to accept as many as they can. Every once in a while, a Western nation will accept a few dozen. So far, some have been settled in Iceland, Brazil, Chile, and Canada.

Today, 56 of them will get on a plane to move to Sweden, according to Palestine Today.

The UNHCR keeps trying to get Arab nations to accept them, and they are consistently rebuffed. (Syria, Jordan and other Arab nations have taken in well over a million Iraqi refugees, but refuse to take these people. Only the Sudan has expressed interest, mostly to help their own PR.)

What do Palestinian Arab leaders think about this? Are they happy that their brethren are, very slowly, starting new lives in Western countries?

Of course not! In 2006, both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority denounced the possible resettlement of these real refugees to Canada!

I once again refer to a Falasteen editorial I found in 2006 that gave the reasons why Palestinian Arabs prefer that these people stay in tents in the desert forever:
We have warned and others in more than one location and an article about the dangers to be dissipating refugee diaspora Palestinians, since this will negatively impact on the fabric of their unity and their syndicated in the areas of asylum...these will lead to migration to other European countries and therefore as a result of this disruption to the bloc refugees in Lebanon and the resulting in the end of the negative impact on their right to return to their homes and property.
Mythical Palestinian Arab"unity" is more important than the lives and happiness of their own people.

A large part of the reason that Palestinian Arabs are as miserable as they are today is because their leaders and their neighboring Arab leaders would rather see them stateless and pressuring Israel than happy as citizens of any country on Earth.