Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Cast Lead" casualties report by ICT

The International Institute of Counter-Terrorism has released a comprehensive report of the discrepancies between the PCHR report on "civilians" killed in Gaza and the number of them that were militants.

It is a very nice report and the goals are identical with what Suzanne, PTWatch, Leon, Marc El and I have been trying to do here. And there is some fantastic information there in identifying Hamas and other "civilian" Gazans killed who were in fact terrorists.

However, at this time we've identified more militants than they have:
ICT’s research—based both on Hamas websites and on investigation into the circumstances under which people were killed—has so far individually identified at least 314 combatants; as this effort is ongoing, the number will almost certainly increase. 18 of these identified combatants were younger than 18, and thus counted as ―children‖ by PCHR. (Detail: 1 14-year-old, 4 16-year-olds, and 13 17-year-olds.)
We have identified 461 (226 that we found plus the 235 PCHR identified) of whom 12 were children.

Read the report, plus an adjunct report by Dr. Tal Pavel that lists every casualty mentioned in a Hamas website and the specific terminology given to describe the "martyr."

I will try to contact the team responsible for that report so we can swap information.