Thursday, April 02, 2009

Brave Palestinian Arab axes Jewish boy to death

A Palestinian Arab man attacked Jews with an axe in Bat Ayin, killing a 13 year old boy and injuring a 7-year old. The terrorist escaped to a neighboring Arab village, where the peace-loving residents will hide their latest hero. Israel Matzav is liveblogging it.

There is zero chance that any Palestinian Arab will publicly show disgust at this act of deliberately attacking and murdering children. There is zero chance that the Arab village will hand this murderous scum over to any authorities. There is a 100% chance that this attack will be praised or, at the least, justified by the mainstream Palestinian Arab society and media. There is a 100% chance that multiple terror groups will vie for the honor of taking credit for this attack - in fact, that has already happened, with both Fatah and Islamic Jihad claiming responsibility.

As horrible as Qassam rockets aimed at civilians are, and as disgusting and deadly as suicide bombers are, there is something even more viscerally reprehensible at the thought of a man taking an axe and deliberately attacking children with it. Given the history of the Arab world celebrating Samir Kuntar, who similarly murdered a four year old girl by bashing her head in after murdering her father, this depravity is considered heroic and worthy of emulation. If the murderer gets caught, there will be summer camps in Ramallah named after him next year.

At this time, only Palestine Today is reporting this story in Arabic, referring to the dead boy as a "settler." And the entire world considers "settlers" to be subhuman already.