Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arabs use Hebrew calendar

YNet mentions:
Thousands attended a Palestinian rally on Israel's Independence Day in the abandoned village of Kafrin, now a part of the northern town of Ramot Menashe.

The rally was in honor of the Nakba, a holiday marking the expulsion of Palestinian refugees from their land during the War of Independence.
Palestinian Arabs could have chosen to celebrate their Nakba Day on any day of the year. They could have chosen the day of the Deir Yassin massacre, or the day that Jordan annexed the West Bank. They specifically chose the day that Israel gained its independence - in order to detract from Zionist celebrations.

So we have the ironic situation where the major day to commemorate Palestinian Arab nationalism is timed to be staged to coincide with Yom Ha'atzmaut - a holiday based on the Jewish calendar!

To be sure, they will also "celebrate" their utter incompetence and track record of missed opportunities on May 15th, on November 29th, and on every other day they can find to gain photo-ops.

As we've seen before, the very essence of Palestinian Arab national identity is based not on anything positive about their own pseudo-history, but entirely on the negation of Zionist history. PalArab nationalism is by definition a negative movement.

(I expanded on this theme last year.)